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Archtop Guitars: The Journey From Cremona To New Y
Introduction-Forewords-Cremona Italy
The Art of D'Angelico
The Art of D'Aquisto
The Art of Monteleone
Monteleone's Four Seasons

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"Rudy Pensa first drew the parallel of the three greatest violin makers of Cremona, Italy with the three greatest archtop guitar builders of New York. The result of this observation has been the creation of this magnificent book."
MARK KNOPFLER, Songwriter & Guitarist


"They say a picture is worth a thousand words but if only you could hear these photos..."
JEFF "SKUNK" BAXTER, Producer and Studio Musician, former guitarist for Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers


"Jimmy D'Aquisto guitars are the best in the world by a factor of ten not because of how beautiful they are, or how few he built or the incredible prices his instruments demand but because to play one of his instruments is to suddenly find yourself playing music with a new voice of heart breaking beauty, richness, clarity and tone unlike any guitars made before or since. D'Aquisto is freater and more inventive than Stradivari!"
STEVE MILLER, Musician, Songwriter, Leader of the Steve Miller Band


"Like the Beatles, Thomas Edison, and even Frank Lloyd Wright, John Monteleone's work leads one to marvel at just how anyone could possibly be so inspired."
STEVE VAI, Grammy Award-winning Guitarist


"The D'Angelico guitar is the epitome of an archtop guitar. There never was, nor ever will be, another John D'Angelico. This book is a must for all guitar lovers."
JOHNNY SMITH, Guitarist & Composer


"The guitar is the violin of our times."
PAUL REED SMITH, Founder & Owner of PRS Guitars

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